Old Moor

I was volunteering at Old Moor today, as part of their Big Garden Birdwatch events, and a good day it was too. Here are a few pictures from the birdfeeders, where I was stationed for most of the day sharing some ID tips with families.

Long-tailed Tits
Long-tailed Tits



Despite the largely sedentary nature of my day, I still managed six year ticks, way more than I expected today. The first was a little owl, that was showing well in the education garden, despite being harrassed by magpies.

Little Owl
Little Owl

Little Owl and a mobbing Magpie!
A stand-off!

In the same area there were a couple of visits from a couple of stock dove, and staking out the feeders meant I got a yellowhammer that made a brief appearance. A quick walk round the reserve brought up a group of goosander, three ruddy duck and three soaring buzzards over the Wader Scrape.

It was also good this morning to finally put a face to Dean of the Mostlymacro blog, who popped in to say hello and shared the views of the little owl. It’s a shame his first impression has to be of me wearing a comedy porn-star-style fake tash – my consession to the Big Garden Birdwatch 30th anniversary 70s theme that staff and volunteers were sporting!

So the yearlist is up to 97 already… I’ve got plans tomorrow that may tip it to the century. Will I manage it?!


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4 thoughts on “Old Moor”

  1. Great pics again.

    I got 8 species for my GBW this morning – about average for us. One of them was bullfinch though, so I was pleased with that.

  2. I didn`t mention the dodgy tash, Pete. I should have taken a pic and forced you to some monetary value, not to publish it.

    Excellent pics by the way. Think i should have gone for the fz18 instead of the s8100.

    Good luck with the hope of reaching the ton, tomorrow.

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