Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend

 Greenfinch and Tree Sparrow

Just a reminder to everyone that it’s the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend (24th/25th Jan), a very simple survey of garden birds that is nonetheless very useful in gaging trends in bird numbers. All it requires is an hour spent taking a note of the number of birds in your garden or local park, at any time over the weekend.

For more details see here. I’ll be doing mine on Sunday, as I’ll be spending Saturday at Old Moor helping out with their Big Garden Birdwatch event, which should be worth a visit if anyone’s around!

(Note – the photo above wasn’t taken in my garden… I’m not lucky enough to get tree sparrows!)


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7 thoughts on “Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend”

  1. Or Garden no-birdwatch, as we affectionately call it. I’m sure the birds know we’re doing it because we inevitably get a no-show from most of them. It’s very rare for us to get into double figures. Oh well.

    Could you remind me what the make and model of your camera is please. I’ve definately decided to get one.

  2. It’s a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ18, although there’s a new model out now called the FZ28. Reviews I’ve read say it’s much of a much, although some people have complained the viewfinder is a bit smaller.

  3. Hi Pete,

    I’ve had a good search on the web but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get a new one of your model unless I get it from China!

    Would you mind double-checking the spec below for the FZ28 just to check there’s nothing mega-different from the FZ18? I’m a bit bamboozled by all the jargon. I’ll be using it for the same stuff as you – taking pics of birds mostly.

    Thanks, and sorry for being a pest!

    1. Hi Gill, no problem at all. I’ll look through the stats later when I’ve got a spare ten mins.

      As the FZ28 is the model up from the FZ18 it should in theory only be changed in ways that improve the camera. However it sounds like to pack a bit more “oomph” into it, they’ve done it at the expense of room for the viewfinder, which is smaller. If you’re the kind of photographer who’ll use this (and technically you should, although I’m a numpty that uses the LCD screen!), it may be an annoyance. This is the only significant criticism I’ve heard so far, but like I say I’ll have a skim through and see if anything sounds iffy.

  4. Thanks Pete, I very much appreciate this. I’m just after something that takes photos like yours so the main things are whether it has more or less the same features as your and whether the zoom is the same etc. Please don’t spend time analysing the finer details because there seems to be a lot of info!

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