Christmas Bird Race update 5

A trip to Old Moor today, and a cold, foggy one it was too! Still managed five bird race ticks, although dipped the linnet, little grebe, great crested grebe and little owl that I was hoping for, and there were no waders around at all, bar lapwing and golden plover, so missed what is realistically my last chance to get redshank, dunlin and snipe.

Highlights of the day (race ticks aside) included singles of goldeneye and shelduck, the usual bullfinches and tree sparrows, and good views of sparrowhawk and kestrel. I also got a small flock of lesser redpolls – I’ve seen more of these in the last week than in my entire life so far! Aside from this it was really very quiet indeed birdwise.

There were no signs of the green-winged teal, but apparently it was sighted this afternoon on Broomhill Ings if anyone wants to see it.

I think my current total of 77 may be my final total, as I can’t see me getting out too far tomorrow, and I’ve mopped up virtually anything I’m likely to see locally. Plus there is the probable hangover… I may nip out to at least try and get a little owl though (as well as getting a bit of a start on the 2009 list…).

Oh, and a happy new year to everyone who takes the time to read my blatherings on this blog.  It means a lot that people are interested.


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Bird Race update 5”

  1. It was quiet today, wasn`t it. We also missed Green Sand & Kittiwake at Broomhill.

    Happy New Year, Pete. I for one find your blatherings interesting. Keep up the good work.

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