Christmas Bird Race update 4

Today I was without the luxury of Dadcabs, and didn’t fancy a haul on public transport, so decided to stay local and see what I could get within walking distance and a few short bus hops.

I had mixed success, and ended the day with 4 bird race ticks (running total now 71), and I’ll discuss it all in detail on the final bird race post!

A few patch notes – 20 x lapwing over Old Wheel Farm, female goldeneye back at Old Wheel Dam, small flock of meadow pipits at Old Wheel Farm, large mixed flock of fieldfare and redwing at Rowell Lane.

I also visited Wadsley Common this morning, and was surprised to hear a drumming great spotted woodpecker. It certainly didn’t feel like Spring was in the air!

A few pics from my travels (all pretty ropey due to terrible light today)…

Waterfowl on Old Wheel Dam
Mallards, tufties and a goldeneye.

Rooks and jackdaws.




EDIT – Laura’s just called downstairs to let me know an owl was calling somewhere up the garden… I got to the window in time to hear a tawny owl kee-icking in the distance, leading to race tick number 72…


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My name is Pete

3 thoughts on “Christmas Bird Race update 4”

  1. Hi there Pete :)

    Just popped by to wish you a “HAPPY HOGMANAY” and all the best for 2009!!

    Looks like you’re having fun with the Christmas Race :-D

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