Patch Update 28/12/08 (and Bird Race Update 2!)

A walk on patch today, which could well be the last one of 2008.

Highlights included a flock of c.10 lesser redpoll near Old Wheel Dam; 2 x herring gulls – a patch tick – among the black-headed gulls at Rowell Lane*; a bullfinch, a grey wagtail and a dipper at Stacey Bank; a small flock of redwings at Black Lane.

Common Gull

*A moment of insanity had me originally ID these as common gulls, which of course it isn’t… too many Christmas sherries, that’s what I’m blaming it on!

As for the Bird Race… I managed to get nearly all the species I’d expect to get on my patch, bringing the running total to 47. The one species I didn’t see and expected to be a shoo-in was pheasant – probably the first time I haven’t seen one there! It would also have been nice to get kingfisher, meadow pipit, linnet, fieldfare, stock dove and siskin. (The list of what I did see will appear on the final Bird Race post at the end of the week…)

Off to Potteric Carr tomorrow, hopefully this figure will shoot up a bit!


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