Christmas Blogger Bird Race…

Well Christmas is very nearly upon us, and I’ve stumbled on something which should entertain me if the turkey, tinsel and light entertainment TV gets too much.

The Quicksilverbirds blog is hosting a Christmas bird race for nature blogging types, seeing who can tot up the most species between midnight on Christmas Eve and midnight on New Years Day, and blogging their results on the weekend of the 3rd/4th Jan.

All a bit of fun and I can’t see me getting great numbers, seeing as much of the week will be spent eating rather large American game birds rather than spotting British ones. I do plan on a few trips out between Christmas and New Year, though, so I’ll hopefully rack up a good few (and maybe even get a couple of finishing touches for the yearlist…).

Unless something remarkable happens in my lunch hour tomorrow, this will be my last post before Christmas, so have a good one! Ho ho ho and all that.


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