Agden and Patch Update

A day off work today, and an afternoon free, so I went for a walk round Agden Side and a quick look on patch.

Not too much to see round Agden – a mixed tit flock towards the top of Smallfield Lane was quite entertaining, including great tits, blue tits, coal tits, goldcrests, treecreepers and nuthatches, plus a few chaffinches and blackbirds thrown in. There wasn’t much at all at Agden Side, bar the hunting kestrel below.


The best stuff was walking through Low Bradfield on the way back to the bus, with 17 redwing in a field on Smallfield Lane, and, quite surprisingly, a kingfisher flying overhead on Woodfall Lane, not far from the Post Office!

A quick look in the Loxley Valley turned up 7 x siskin near Old Wheel Dam, 4 x tufted duck (no signs of the goldeneye), 10 x meadow pipit and 2 x mistle thrush at Old Wheel Farm, and a large flock of 87 black-headed gulls in fields by Rowell Lane.


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2 thoughts on “Agden and Patch Update”

  1. I had a wander out to Agden on Wednesday. I was surprised to see a male teal amongst the tame mallards on Damflask Reservoir – close to the shore near Ughill Brook.

    1. Interesting – I have seen a teal at Damflask before, but not since last year. There’s sporadically been a male and female in the Loxley Valley this year, and I wonder if it’s the same individual.

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