Patch update 14/12/08

A good walk on the Loxley Valley just now… The highlight was a female goldeneye on Old Wheel Dam – last year two appeared around this time, a female and a first winter male, that stayed well into January. I was hoping they’d show up again, and this one has right on cue!

Below is a photo that can only be described as a “record shot”…


Old Wheel Dam also yielded 7 x tufted duck, 10 x black-headed gulls and 65 x Canada goose, with a dipper nearby, feeding in the goit to the west of the dam. Elsewhere I spent ages trying (and actually succeeding, albeit with slightly ropey results!) to photograph two goldcrest that were among a flock of long-tailed tits at Stacey Bank; a flock of 22 x siskin were feeding on Low Matlock Lane, with a great spotted woodpecker nearby, kestrels were seen on Black Lane and Low Matlock Lane (possibly the same individual); a grey heron was at Mill Dam; a nuthatch was calling at Rowell Lane.

I was quite disappointed not to find any redwings or fieldfares today, although there were a good few mistle thrushes and song thrushes around.

To make up for the lack of photos recently, here’s a bumper crop…

Song Thrush
Song Thrush



Siskins in silhouette...


Tufted Duck (female)
Tufted Duck (female)

Tufted Duck (male)
Tufted Duck (male)

Black-headed Gulls and Goldeneye
Black-headed Gulls

I also had a look up to Hammerton Road this morning to see if any waxwings were still about. Sadly there were no signs, although 50 were reported yesterday. It looks like Cafe Rouge on Cemetry Avenue (off Ecclesall Road) is the place to find them at the moment if anyone’s looking!


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3 thoughts on “Patch update 14/12/08”

  1. I noticed the female goldeneye at Old Wheel Dam this afternoon too.

    There were about 50 waxwings at Hammerton Road on Friday morning, but they seemed to have scoffed most of the remaining rowan berries.

  2. Just been for a walk along Cemetery Avenue behind Cafe Rouge this lunchtime. No sign of any waxwings, and no sign of any berries either – just a load of bare stalks! Looks like they’ve scoffed the lot and moved on. I wonder where they’ll turn up next?

  3. There seems to have been no waxwing sightings in Sheff for a few days, and a sudden invasion of Nottinghamshire. I wonder if they’re “our” ones!

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