Sometimes I take for granted how good it is for wildlife where I live, by the Loxley Valley. Yesterday morning the day started with a jay in the trees opposite the house, and in the short walk to the tram stop for work I clocked up an impressive list of species.

Blackbirds fed on berry-laden trees, and robins sang and ticked from their perches along the road. Black-headed gulls wheeled overhead, and a grey heron cruised by over the houses. Jackdaws and starlings perched on the rooftops, and several magpies chakked away from various locations, while mallards moved from the various small bodies of water in the valley.

A pied wagtail flew overhead, and bullfinches called from somewhere nearby. Blue tits, house sparrows and a great spotted woodpecker could be seen on garden bird-feeders while long-tailed tits purred away in the trees. Woodpigeons, feral pigeons and a few collared doves were also around.

19 species in a ten minute walk on a winter’s morning can’t be knocked!

Today is the first Saturday I’ve had in ages where I’ve had nothing pressing to do, and it’s belting it down with rain. Typical. Maybe I’m not so lucky after all!


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