Waxwing update

I had a quick walk up to Trickett Road this morning to see if I could find the waxwings again, and got quality over quantity… only three birds present, in the trees by the police station, but showing very well, feeding a few feet above my head. Why didn’t I bother to take my camera today?!

Also at least 5 mistle thrush, and a good few blackbirds, sharing the berry feast.

EDIT – I’ve had another look up this lunchtime and seven waxwings were present. I had a walk there through some of the back streets to see if I could find anywhere the flock’s filtering out to, but no avail. Where are they all going?! However I did have a pop through Crookes Valley Park on the way, and found three grey wagtails and two mistle thrushes.


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4 thoughts on “Waxwing update”

  1. Thanks for that, hopefully I’ll get to have a look soon. I’m not getting much chance to explore Loxley during daylight hours…

  2. Finally managed to catch up with some waxwings! At least 50 feeding in Cemetery Av. off Eccleshall rd. Very confiding, flying all around me, back and forth between a tall lime (I think!) tree and berry laden trees on the othe side of the road. This was at 2.40 pm. I was stood spellbound with a big grin across my face!

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