More waxwings!

I got an email from Roger B last night tipping me off he saw 8 waxwings yesterday by Hammerton Road Police Station in Hillsborough. As this is not a huge detour from where I catch the tram to work I got up a bit early and went to see if I can find them, and I didn’t find eight… I found this flock (they are waxwings, trust me!).

Flock of Waxwings!

They were sitting on this tall tree on Dodd Street, and flying across the Police Station car park to the trees on Trickett Road, before finally departing W towards Burnaby Street.

I estimated there were about 60 of them, but scouring the photo when I got to the office, I realised there were actually at least 105 in the tree at one time, with a possible few stragglers elsewhere.

Waxwing (break down of flock)

(see this post for some more successful waxwing photography!)


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4 thoughts on “More waxwings!”

  1. Cheers, Shirl! It was an excellent sight – they weren’t as close as the Crosspool ones the other week, but the sheer spectacle of the numbers and the noise they were making was brilliant!

  2. Hi, Michael. I think I know the bird you mean, and I think on reflection it’s a mistle thrush. Not sure they’d be so keen to sit there if a sparrowhawk was lurking!

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