Kingfisher and Kestrel

I’ve just been up to Loxley Nurseries to buy some more birdfood, and while I was up there I had a look to see if anything interesting was on Old Wheel Dam. The usual suspects were there, plus seven black-headed gulls, and two stock dove in nearby fields, plus the Canada goose count is at 67.

I was about to leave when I noticed a shape across the other side of the dam, which turned out to be a kingfisher! I watched it for a while as it hunted, moving slowly round towards it and getting quite close, even managing a few half decent photos. It’s amazing how well-camouflaged these gaudy birds can be, their blue feathers not showing so bright unless the sun is directly on them, and their orange chests blending in well with the remainder of the autumn leaves. It was great to see it diving into the water and emerging with fish.




Kingfisher taking off!

There was also a hunting kestrel in the field opposite the Nurseries, which perched on a lamp post for a while.



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