Waxwings sighted!

I went for a trip up to Crosspool with my friends Chris and Gill at lunchtime, and we very quickly found the waxwings! There were at least 20, possibly as many as 30 or so, flitting across Manchester Road (near the Sportsman pub) to feed on the rowans, sometimes brazenly feeding just a few feet away. Here are some pics I got of these brilliant, ridiculously photogenic birds.







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13 thoughts on “Waxwings sighted!”

  1. I finally managed to catch up with them this lunchtime as well. My first sighting, and they certainly were stunning! Nice photos too – I particularly like the middle one.

  2. There is a sighting in Sheff on Birdguides today – I haven’t got a paid account to see any details, but I’m presuming it’s them.

  3. Cheers Pete. Right, im off up in 20mins. no binos though as Im at my girlfriends house, but if anyone sees me aimlessly wandering about come say hello. (long hair, beard).

  4. we have a big tree at the back garden and one time cant remember if it was 2007 or 2008 when the tree was covered with looks like a pink bird with a crown and that was really nice. but since then they didnt come back. we bought a bird book and waxwing is very similar to the one we saw in our back garden but the book shows they dont come to britain.
    and i am really glad to have seen this site. just proven that it was really waxwing we saw that time.

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