More waxwing alerts

Waxwings are all over the place today… thanks to Roger B for giving me the tip off that a flock of at least 40 have been feeding on Rowans on Machester Road in Crosspool today, heading down the road from the Sportsman Pub and down the hill towards Rivelin.

There’s also a record on Birdguides in Hillsborough. Can anyone with a paid account tell me where abouts? EDIT – apparently three flew east over Norris Road mid-morning.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find some of these on my lunch hour tomorrow…


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4 thoughts on “More waxwing alerts”

  1. 14 in big trees opposite Sportsman at lunchtime today (12:30 – 13:00 Friday) – flying backwards and forwards to feed on rowans.

  2. Anyone know if they’re still there? I guess they’ll have moved on by now. I have a job not too far away tomorrow so I’ll take a look anyway.

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