Patch update 16/11/08

I’ve visited the Loxley Valley so infrequently recently that I’m not sure I can really call it my patch at the moment, but it’s always the case after the nights draw in unfortunately.

I did get a trip out on Sunday, however. The highlights were:

  • 50 + fieldfare on Loxley Road, and at least 2 x redwing in fields opposite Admiral Rodney.
  • 63 x Canada Goose in fields by Old Wheel Dam, with 12 x moorhen (a good count for the area) and 3 x tufted duck on the Dam itself.
  • A flock of 44 x black-headed gull touring the area and feeding in fields.
  • A kestrel being harrassed by two magpies on Black Lane.
  • A grey wagtail at the fisheries.
  • A nuthatch on Black Lane, and another on Loxley Road near Rowell Lane.
  • A grey heron in a field near Rowell Lane.

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