Waxwing no-show…

Had a bolt up to Abbeydale Road to try and find the waxwings at lunchtime, to no avail. Either they were hiding somewhere nearby or moved on. If anyone has any better luck let me know!

I’ll be keeping my eyes on Sheffield’s many rowans and cotoneasters from now on…


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7 thoughts on “Waxwing no-show…”

  1. I was driving to work this morning along the A57 Mosbro’ By-pass towards the parkway and I’m pretty sure a flock of about 30 Waxwings flew over head, from Handsworth direction towards Manor (S – SW).

  2. Cheers Jon,

    Very possible! Some were around Asda last year, and there’s plenty of berries for them in that neck of the woods.

    Will keep my eyes open!

  3. Have you had any success with Waxwings?

    There were a few reports of them beside the Sportsman on Manchester Road (A57) in Crosspool last week on BirdGuides. I went up for a look at lunchtime twice but didn’t see anything (possibly a few flying around briefly but I couldn’t definitely ID them – could have been starlings).

    (I signed up for a week’s free trial on BirdGuides but unfortunately it’s expired now – I’m definitely not a twitcher so won’t be forking out for full time information, but would love to see somw waxwings.)

  4. Hi Dave,

    To be honest I’ve not been chasing the dribs and drabs we’re getting, partly because I haven’t had time, and partly, like you, I haven’t got a paid BirdGuides account to get full details, so they’re often gone before I find out. I also can’t help feeling there’s going to be tons around when the winter starts to bite properly, but I may be wrong…

    I really wish BirdGuides would do a cheap waxwings-only service!

  5. I live at 667 Manchester Road and we have had the Waxwings everyday for weeks now. Sunday 15th Feb 2009 we had two flocks join up to raid the tree outside my window, probably a hundred or so. They have just about stripped the trees now.

    1. Good stuff, Mick. I’ve just been up Manchester Road in my lunch hour and no signs, but they seem to roam about. I’m jealous of anyone living in Waxwing Central!

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