A quick update

I haven’t been out for a while to spot anything – didn’t get chance over the weekend, and it’s that annoying time of year post-clock change when it’s pitch dark when you leave work, so post-work patch-watching is out of the question.

Just a quick post then, to say we’ve got a new garden visitor – a pair of goldcrest keep dropping in, flitting around the garden or perching in the hawthorn outside the front window. I’ve heard one singing somewhere up the garden before, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen any. Hopefully some more new garden birds will drop in before the end of the winter… siskins? Redpolls? Redwing? Waxwing?!

Speaking of waxwings, I’m hoping some are going to arrive in Sheffield very soon – according to BirdGuides there’s been quite an influx on the East Coast in recent days, and they’ve been spotted as close as Scout Dyke reservoir near Barnsley. Hopefully it will be a better winter for them than last year, when only a tiny handful were seen in the Sheffield recording area. Fingers crossed!


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