Not a red-foot, apparently…

Apparently an Amur Falcon... honest!

Remember the red-footed falcon I saw at Tophill Low in East Yorkshire in September, that I took the above, award-winning standard photo of?

The bird was a long-stayer at Tophill, staying for over a month. I was quite excited to see it, as it was a lifer for me a beautiful bird to boot. However, over the last few days it has been reidentified as something even more exciting… an Amur falcon! Once considered a subspecies of RFF, and called the Eastern Red-footed Falcon, it was split into a species in its own right, and is identifiable from the RFF by the males’ white underwing coverts. This bird is the first ever recorded in Britain!

This bird probably fooled hundreds of birders, who all quite reasonably didn’t even consider it possible to be anything other than a RFF. And as soon as it’s been identified as a mega, it seems to have finally passed on, no doubt leaving a lot of frustrated twitchers in its wake!

I’m not too proud to add it to my list retrospectively (subject to BOU acceptance, of course)… although it does mean I still need a red-footed falcon! Bah!


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