Agden, etc.

This morning I had a trip up to Agden Reservoir, via Rocher Head, Cowell Flat and Agden Side.

The highlights of the morning were 18 redwing between Rocher End Plantation and Rocher Head (including a flock of 16 and two singles), and two ravens heading NE over Cowell Flat. Elsewhere there was plenty of the usual stuff, including nuthatches, jays and treecreepers, a great spotted woodpecker, and a couple of grey wagtails in Low Bradfield.

I stopped for a while at the birdfeeders near the reservoir, hoping they’d be luring something interesting in such as siskins and redpolls, but unfortunately they don’t appear to have been topped up for a while. However the usual coal tits didn’t disappoint and gave numerous photo opportunities as they foraged nearby. There were also a few bullfinches around, but sadly not photographable.

Coal Tit

Coal Tit

Coal Tit

And finally a shot of a bench up at Agden that is gradually being claimed by fungus. If anyone knows the species let me know!

Fungus on a bench


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