The Moss Valley

Today I had my first fieldtrip on my new course, to the Moss Valley. It’s a great site and well worth a visit.

The morning started off with a study of hedgerows, and the afternoon became something of a safari finding the various weird and wonderful fungi that live in the valley’s woodlands. It’s safe to say I learnt a lot about both subjects today, and had a lot of fun to boot.

The most notable bird of the day was a buzzard overhead, which gave us great views while we ate our lunch.

There were a good few of these rather rude-looking stinkhorns around, which smelt rather nasty and could be sniffed out a range of a few metres or so.

Fly Agaric (with youngsters!)
This fly agaric was surrounded by some youngsters, which quite deceptively lacked any of the “adult” mushroom’s warning colours.

Dead Man's Fingers
Dead Man’s Fingers – one of the most morbidly, but aptly named, fungi!

Horn of Plenty
Horn of Plenty – very hard to spot among the leaves.

Sulphur Tuft
Sulphur Tuft on a rotting log.

Mystery fungus...
A mystery fungus we couldn’t name…

Oak Cherry Galls
Oak Cherry Galls – unusually four on one leaf.




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