Patch update 25/09/08

I went for a short walk last night on my patch. I thought the house martins had gone, but a flock of around 25 above Black Lane were a welcome sight, and at one point they were mobbing a passing sparrowhawk. There were also at least two swallows around.

The female teal is still present on Old Wheel Dam, and the rapidly creeping in nights are at least good for one thing – I found my first little owl for ages, perched on a wall just off Loxley Road, almost succeeding in disguising itself as a piece of dry stone wall in the gloom. I should really enjoy post-work walks while I can, as the nights are coming in fast and it won’t be too long until we change the clocks.

While I was away at the weekend, Laura spotted the first badger that either of have seen for a while, by the side of the road not far from the house. Sadly, she also saw a dead one in almost exactly the same spot the following day, presumably the same individual. It seems crossing the road here is particularly hazardous for them – it’s unfortunately the second casualty we’ve seen on the road this year.


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