September Sunshine

Damflask Reservoir

A fantastic day weather-wise, and thankfully I had an afternoon off work to enjoy it. I had a walk all the way from the house, up the Loxley Valley, up the south side of Damflask, and to Bradfield. There weren’t a lot of highlights, so I’ll let some photos do most of the talking.

Red Admiral
A red admiral at Damflask – I’ve not seen enough of these this year, and it’s good to finally find one that’d stay still long enough for a photo!



I’d decided to stop taking too may photos of mallards because they were an easy target, but these (slightly genetically dubious) ducks were posing so well at the edge of Damflask I thought it would be rude not to.

A snail
This tiny snail was on a leaf in the Loxley Valley, near Rowell Lane.

The female teal is still present on Old Wheel Dam. No signs of the male today. (Sorry for awful picture!)

And finally a few mushroom shots – despite my confident id of fly agaric the other day (it’s an easy one!) I’m no fungi expert, so I’m not going to try and attempt to name these species. If anyone wants a stab then feel free to comment!

P1020480 P1020485 P1020484 P1020503 P1020504

Unless I stumble across anything interesting tomorrow, I probably won’t be updating again until Sunday night or Monday now, as I’m off to Bridlington for the weekend for a general explore of Flamborough and the RSPB skua and shearwater cruise. Although it’s forecast to be a lovely weekend, I can’t help fearing that the boat trip is going to be rather misty, and that the weather may be a bit too good and the number of interesting birds sheltering on Flamborough may be reduced.

Birdwatchers, eh? Never happy!


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