Old Moor and patch update

A great day today, with some very ropey record shots to document it, so I aplogise for bad photography from the outset…

Old Moor yielded some good stuff this morning, the highlights being two little egrets, two ruffs, two black-tailed godwits, three snipe, three common sandpiper, three green sandpiper, one greenshank, several golden plover among the lapwings, waterfowl including wigeon, gadwall, shoveler and teal, two kingfishers, and two buzzard circling overhead.

The reserve was also full of mating dragonflies of various species, making the place resemble some kind of dragonfly orgy. Some pics (of varying quality!)…

Common Hawkers (?)
Migrant Hawkers

Grey heron
Grey heron


Tufted duck
Tufted Duck

Common sandpiper
Common Sandpiper

Little egret
Little Egret





This afternoon I had a walk round my patch. Highlights were two chiffchaffs (one singing near the house and a juvenile trying to sing but only managing a few hissy sounds at Old Wheel Dam); a kingfisher perched on a piece of driftwood on the Damflask overflow at Stacey Lane, with a grey wagtail walking around behind it; a sparrowhawk in the trees at Old Wheel Farm; a pair of teal at Old Wheel Dam (first time I’ve seen more than one there at the same time); a handful of swallows and house martins at the Admiral Rodney – a far cry from the flocks around earlier in the month.

You thought some of the Old Moor photos were ropey?!


Kingfisher (honest!)



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6 thoughts on “Old Moor and patch update”

  1. Cheers Dean and Roger! A few of them are all right really, but most birds were being a pain and staying just out of reach for decent photos… you should see some of the ones I didn’t post here!

    Roger – it’s not a bin bag, but a piece of wood that seems to have lodged itself on one of the steps. I’ll be keeping my eyes open to see if it’s a regular perch.

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