Around Agden

I had a bit of a meandering walk round the general Bradfield and Agden area this morning. Despite the forecast the weather was actually quite pleasant, with only a brief shower, but yesterday’s deluge meant the ground was still very wet and I mainly stuck to the roads.

Highlights of the morning included a sparrowhawk at High Bradfield, spooking a flock of 26 jackdaws; several red grouse, including a flock of nine flushed near Cowell Flat; a green woodpecker showing well perched on a rock at Agden Side (sadly the camera was in my bag and I didn’t manage to get a shot before it took off… there’s a lesson to be learnt there!); a cormorant at Agden Reservoir and the usual goldcrests and treecreepers in the trees.

Best today was probably a flock of around 40 siskins which were visible in the trees at White Lee Moor, seen from Load Field Road. Presumably the same flock flew overhead at Cowell Flat a short while later and headed towards Agden. There seems to have been a bit of an influx of siskins over the last week or so – the Sheffield Bird Study Group website reports flocks at Redmires Reservoir, Rother Valley, Canyards Hill and Broomhead Reservoir since Tuesday. A sign winter’s approaching!

Just one decent photo from today – a green-veined white at Agden. A peacock was also flitting around Agden Side, but didn’t settle long enough for a shot.

Green-veined White


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