Patch update 02/09/08

First update of September! Quite a nice evening, with only one brief but heavy shower. Highlights were an eclipse male teal and a tufted duck at Old Wheel Dam, two great spotted woodpeckers on route, a dipper at the Fisheries, a jay at Low Matlock Lane, and lots of house martins and swallows gathering. I find hirundines very difficult to count, but I’d estimate there was a mixed flock of around 100 at Old Wheel Farm, with about 70% of them martins, and another flock of around 30 house martins at Low Matlock Lane.

It was also good to hear robins singing. Their sad, sweet song tends to get drowned out a bit in the cacophony of the breeding season, but now the autumn’s on its way they’ve got their solo spot again. I counted a total of 15 birds on the route.

I also spent a good five minutes scrutinising a little owl that turned out to be a fence post.

No pictures I’m afraid – nothing really stood out as particularly photogenic tonight. What I have done is made a proper list on the “My Patch” page of everything I saw and rough numbers. This is something I plan on doing semi-regularly to provide some more useful data on my patch.


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