Patch update 31/08/08

Not a spectacular way to end August… the walk started out OK, with a dipper and a grey wagtail at the Fisheries, a great spotted woodpecker on the path south of the Fisheries, and a grey heron and tufted duck at Old Wheel Dam. Unfortunately then the rain that’s been threatening to come down for the last few days decided to do so big style, and I barely saw anything else for the soggy remainder of the journey. The exception was a mixed flock of house martins and swallows over Low Matlock Lane – it was a bit too wet to stop and start counting hirundines, but I estimate there were about 40, and mainly martins.

A few pics…

Another amazing picture of a dipper
A bloody awful picture of a dipper. Despite the bird posing quite well, the FZ18 has some difficulty with brown birds on brown rivers in poor light…

Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker

Mallard and Heron in the rain
Mallard and heron as the rains start…


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