Stanage Edge

I had a great walk on Stanage Edge today. Not too much birdwise, though, but there were loads of meadow pipits, a kestrel, a smattering of red grouse and six wheatears along the route, including the photogenic individual below (last photo a meadow pipit).




Meadow Pipit

There were also several dragonflies around – not what you’d necessarily expect on the moors, but the semi-permanent ponds up there are of course as good a place for them as anywhere.

Down towards Redmires, there were a small party of four spotted flycatchers in the plantation, and two goldcrest showing well. I could have probably got some photos, but the vast swarms of nasty biting things and huge red flying ants made me decide not to linger too long…

Down Redmires Road there was a flock of 160 starlings, and a loitering kestrel.




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