Patch update 25/08/08


I visited a very neglected patch today. Not many highlights, partly due to a large volume of people taking advantage of the Bank Holiday sunshine, but managed to get a kestrel perched on a roof at the Hepworth site, four tufted duck at Old Wheel Dam, and a kingfisher heard but not seen somewhere near Old Wheel Dam.

The house martins and swallows seem to be gathering, especially the house martins that are spending a lot of time skimming Old Wheel Dam and feeding near the farm. I only saw one swift as well. They’ll all be off soon – doesn’t seem long since I was scanning the skies for the first ones!

Dragonfly-wise there was a brown hawker at Loxley Fisheries, and on Black Lane and Low Matlock Lane I saw a hawker and a darter of some description, both of which didn’t stay still long enough to identify. Why can’t they just land for a couple of moments!

As I didn’t manage many photos, here are a couple of bees that I took when I got back.




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