Patch Update 06/08/08

A quick one tonight, with no photos (I forgot to charge the camera battery…), but one very good and unexpected bird!

I was walking from Stacey Bank towards the Fisheries, and saw a couple of birds flitting about in the trees. One perched in the open, and I thought to myself, “spotted flycatcher, very nice”. But on training the binoculars on it, it showed some very distinct white wing bars, proving itself to be a female pied flycatcher! After all that fruitless searching round Padley Gorge, Agden and Wyming Brook one shows up right on my doorstep. Typical!

I can’t say for definite the other bird was a pied flycatcher as I never got a good look, but it’s definitely worth keeping my eyes open for more as they start to move away from their breeding territories.

Only other highlights were a large dragonfly on Black Lane that I can’t decide betweem common and southern hawker for (I really should learn the difference between these…); 2 x heron flying together over Loxley Road; 2 x jay on Low Matlock Lane.


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