Patch update 29/07/08

A rainbow over the Loxley Valley

Just a quick one tonight – dipper at the Fisheries (which I caught up with again at Stacey Bank); sparrowhawk near Black Lane with a brief view of a peeping kingfisher; a couple of chiffchaff showing well near the Fisheries; stock dove at Low Matlock Lane.

At the Hepworth site there was a roughly pigeon-sized bird on one of the roofs with its back to me that proved impossible to identify with any certainty. Kestrel? Sparrowhawk? Little Owl? Here’s a really rubbish photo if anyone wants to have a stab…

Rubbish photo of a mystery bird

EDIT – general consensus on BirdForum was that it was a kestrel, which was my first thought in the field.


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2 thoughts on “Patch update 29/07/08”

  1. Wandered round your patch this evening after a pub lunch. Sparrowhawk being mobbed over the Admiral Rodney, and a couple of Jays kicking up a fuss on Black Lane.

    Hope you don’t mind :)

    Is a lovely area Pete, might adopt it myself as Iv moved into Hillsborough now

  2. Hi Rhys,

    Why would I mind! Let me know if you see anything interesting – there’s plenty to see there and probably many things I haven’t found yet. Lots of dragonflies to keep your eyes open for at the moment too.

    Best wishes,


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