More scorchers

Okay, last week wasn’t a scorcher after all, at least compared to yesterday and today!

Yesterday (Saturday) I had a walk round Agden, Agden Side and Cowell Flat. Not too much to report at all, and no pictures taken, the only highlights being a pair of hunting kestrels at Cowell Flat, and at least two (possibly three) common whitethroat at Agden Side.

Today I had a walk round my usual patch, plus Loxley Chase, Wadsley Common and Loxley Common.

The usual patch didn’t bring up much bird-wise, the only vague highlights being a grey wagtail at the Hepworth site and the grey heron below at Old Wheel Dam, plus new clutches of moorhen chicks at the pond near Black Lane (1 chick) and at Stacey Bank (4 chicks).

Grey Heron

The biggest highlights were the dragonflies which were lapping up the sunshine. I saw three species, and am hopeless on dragonfly ids, but I’m pretty sure one was a broad-bodied chaser at Old Wheel Dam, sitting on a stem by the reeds and darting out and returning like a minature flycatcher. The others were a hawker of some species, also at Old Wheel Dam, which I didn’t see long enough to get a clear enough id, and a large reddish brown dragonfly at the Fisheries I’m fairly sure was a brown hawker (but not 100% sure). Sadly they were all too far away for photos.

Loxley Chase

Elsewhere, highlights included a kestrel perched on telegraph wires on Loxley Road, loads of rooks at Loxley Chase (which I hardly ever see a short distance away on my usual patch), a common whitethroat near Hillsborough Golf Course, and two yellowhammers and two bullfinches at Wadsley Common. On the way back I got great views of a blackcap opposite the house.


Common Whitethroat



Meadow Brown
Meadow Brown


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