Patch update 21/06/08

A nasty, drizzly day, and certainly not the sort you want when you have a new camera to try out!

I did manage some time without showers this morning, though, and I’m glad I got out, because I finally after 13 months of beating the same routes, got my first patch kingfisher! It was darting down the river near the Fisheries.

Not much else to report – a dipper and two grey wagtails on the river near the Hepworth site and a drake tufted duck at Old Wheel Dam were the only real notables.

Below are a few shots I took today, between showers. I apologise in advance for the attempt at a dipper shot, it was very poor light!


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One thought on “Patch update 21/06/08”

  1. Its the longest day – where’s the sunshine.
    So frustrating, went out to the garden to photograph rain drops on grass – how sad is that. :)

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