More pictures

As promised, some more pictures from the FZ18. It’s amazing how well it works on ridiculously high zooms, even handheld, albeit with a loss in quality.



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2 thoughts on “More pictures”

  1. Great images. The “intimate portrait” of the squirrel is awesome!

    I “hear” that youve bought a Lumix. Are these on Panasonic too? How is the macro on Lumix? I am thinking of buying one, either a Sony or a CoolPix or a Lumix but I havent used a Panasonic before.


  2. Hi Ranjay,

    Yup, it’s a Panasonic, first one I’ve ever had and I’m well impressed so far. The macro is fantastic, I’ll be posting some flower pics on here soon, so keep your eyes open for examples.

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