South Yorkshire Bloggers

Every day when I do my rounds of the blogs I always have a look at a few fellow South Yorkshire nature bloggers. They’re all linked down the side of this blog, but I thought it may be nice to give them all a bigger write up. If you have a natural history blog in the area let me know!

Words and Pictures is the blog of local photographer and ecologist Roger Butterfield. While largely a nature blog, it also contains interesting posts on local history and other topics. The photography on the site is stunning, and is well worth visiting for that alone.

Mostlymacro is the blog of Dean Stables, an incredibly dedicated patch-watcher from the Dearne Valley area. It’s doubtful anything that turns up in that area gets past him, and the blog, which is updated almost daily, acts as a diary  of the birds, invertebrates, flora, fungi and other wildlife that he finds.

Barnsley Wildlife is a photoblog of amateur entomologist John Coldwell, and records the insects, flowers and birds he encounters in the Barnsley area.

Finally, Little Brown Job is the blog of Paul, a local birder and wildlife photographer.

I love reading other people’s nature blogs, and if you know of any others from the area let me know. And if you haven’t got one, why not? Go and start one, dammit!


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