Today I took a day off work and caught the bus out to Lodge Moor, walked up to Redmires, up Stanege Edge to Moscar, down to Wyming Brook, Fox Hagg and then caught the bus home!

Things started out well at Redmires, with a grasshopper warbler reeling away. Although I didn’t get a glimpse, it still counts as a life tick! Elsewhere at Redmires four tufted duck were on the reservoir.

On towards Stanage Pole, the moorland was alive with meadow pipits, skylarks and curlews, and walking along the Edge I found a pair of stonechats, two golden plover, and overhead views of kestrel and buzzard. A cuckoo could be heard singing in the distance. At one point I flushed a red grouse with two chicks.

My main aim of the area were ring ouzels, and I got all the way to Moscar Moor before a group of walkers flushed two dark-coloured thrushes from deep in the heather. Although I didn’t get a view of any white crescent, they gave the impression of being slimmer and longer-winged than blackbirds, and made a chattery, almost warbler-like call as they took flight and disappeared into the moorland. And of course it would be a slightly odd place for two blackbirds to be. After great consideration I’m going to tentatively count these as ring ouzels, but it’s not a very satisfactory tick, and I’ll be back there before the summer’s out for a better look!

On the way back, Wyming Brook turned up three singing wood warblers and one tree pipit, and Fox Hagg turned up the find of the day, as a beautiful roe deer ran straight across my path, and watched me from a distance from behind a tree! A great end to a great walk.


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4 thoughts on “Stanage”

  1. Sounds like a great day out!

    Your roe deer sighting is particularly interesting. In August 2006 I found a few tracks in Blackbrook Wood, a short distance from Fox Hagg. I couldn’t decide whether they had been made by a roe deer or an escaped sheep. A local birder told me that he had found some possible deer tracks in Wyming Brook too. As far as I know, you’re the first person to actually see a deer in the vicinity. I will keep my eyes peeled next time I’m up there!

    Mind if I add your roe deer to the database at Sheffield Biological Records Centre?

    1. Today my husband saw two Roe Deer in our field next to Wyming Brook woods where we keep our horses. We thought it strange that the horses would not go to the bottom of the field, now we know why! I suppose they will get use to them.
      This is really strange because only the other day I was telling a friend from Valdosta USA that we don’t get deer in our nearby wood. This really is a surprise!

      1. It’s surprising how unobtrusive deer are! Roe deer living in the woods on my patch, and I’ve only seen them twice.

  2. As always no problem – you don’t need to ask to do so with anything I post here, but of course I’d be very interested to know when you do. For a specific grid reference, it wasn’t far from Rivelin Dams, and where the path is still quite wooded before it gets into the proper heathland. It’s put it at approximatelt SK 278 865.

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