Patch update 04/06/08

Had a walk on my (slightly neglected of late) patch yesterday evening. Not a lot to report at all – the teal and mute swan are still present on Old Wheel Dam. The swan seems to have a twisted leg which it holds at an awkward angle to its body.

Great spotted woodpeckers were calling near Rowell Bridge and on Black Lane, and I saw bullfinches at three locations – one overhead as I waited for the bus on Loxley Road, one at Old Wheel Farm, and one on Black Lane.

There’s an active coot’s nest on Old Wheel Dam, and some moorhen chicks in a nest on the pool near ProRoll.

On a disappointing note, a load of trees have been levelled on Low Matlock Lane, just by the path that leads to the Post Office. As they were present last time I went there on the 25th (saw absolutely nothing of note, which is why I didn’t write anything!), it’s a shame someone chose to do this right in the middle of the breeding season and I hope no nests were destroyed. Last year that very clump of trees was a good place to find singing garden warblers.


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