This morning I had a walk round Agden Reservoir, with a specific aim of finding pied flycatchers. I failed miserably at this, but did catch up with their spotted cousins. The first ones I saw were a pair on Smallfield Lane, near Low Bradfield. They’re really photogenic birds due to their habit of returning to the same perch they took off from, and all you have to do is point at where you last saw them and they’ll more than likely return.

Spotted Flycatcher

At Agden Reservoir, there was another spotted flycatcher to be found, along with two common sandpipers, a great spotted woodpecker and several treecreepers, nuthatches, coal tits and the usual suspects.


I walked up Agden Side after this, and there wasn’t too much to see, except for the usual tree pipits singing away, and a single redstart. At Rocher Head there was a kestrel and a green woodpecker yaffling in the distance, but that was about it.

On the way back, the spotted flycatchers were still on Smallfield Lane, and I couldn’t resist another shot for good measure. Seems like a reliable spot to find them!

Spotted Flycatcher


Another spoonbill at Old Moor!


I had a day at Old Moor today, and got good views of another (or possibly the same) spoonbill that has been on the site for the last few days. In the morning it was way on the other side of the lake and a tiny white dot, but in the afternoon it rather obligingly flew across the near where I was sat for a few photos.

Other highlights of the day included several great crested and little grebes; nesting kestrels by the Field Pool hide (below); a green sandpiper (the only year tick of the day), a common sandpiper, several ringed and little ringed plovers and a redshank; lots of bullfinches showing well at the feeders; several sedge warblers and reed warblers singing in the reeds.

Kestrel feeding young

I got well over 50 species today, and here are the ones I managed to get photos of (click for full-size):

GreenfinchCollared DoveGoldfinchRobinBullfinch

Kestrel feeding youngLittle GrebeGreylag GooseMallardsGrey Heron

Ringed PloverSpoonbillLapwingTealGreat Crested Grebe

Ruddy Duck (female)MoorhenShovelerCanada GooseLinnet

CootTree SparrowLittle Ringed PloverStarlingsTufted Duck

BlackbirdYoung RobinGreat Tit landing!Young Blue TitYoung Dunnock

Stock DoveMagpieChaffinchSwiftMute Swan

Black-headed Gull

(By the way, I’ve changed my Theme yet again so I can put larger images on the site).

Patch update 21/06/08

A nasty, drizzly day, and certainly not the sort you want when you have a new camera to try out!

I did manage some time without showers this morning, though, and I’m glad I got out, because I finally after 13 months of beating the same routes, got my first patch kingfisher! It was darting down the river near the Fisheries.

Not much else to report – a dipper and two grey wagtails on the river near the Hepworth site and a drake tufted duck at Old Wheel Dam were the only real notables.

Below are a few shots I took today, between showers. I apologise in advance for the attempt at a dipper shot, it was very poor light!

More pictures

As promised, some more pictures from the FZ18. It’s amazing how well it works on ridiculously high zooms, even handheld, albeit with a loss in quality.