Kaye Meadow

It seems to me quite interesting that in the rush for environmentalism in recent years there are increasing instances where one green initiative ends up completely at odds with another, and demonstrates that there’s no such thing as one truly unified action plan to conserve the environment. Examples include wind farms vs bird protection, the Severn Barrage vs wetland habitat conservation, and biofuels vs biologically diverse farmland.

In Sheffield here’s an interesting one – allotments vs habitat conservation. The people of Oughtibridge have been campaigning for more allotment space, which of course is a good thing to produce carbon-neutral food and promote healthy eating. The problem is the allotments are earmarked to be put on Kaye Meadow – an important local habitat for butterflies, bats and voles. See the news story in the Sheffield Star.

The part that particularly bothers me is this:

“The plans have been pushed through and the bulldozers are due to move on site at the end of May.”

Surely illegal during the breeding season, as it will undoubtedly kill any nesting birds?


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One thought on “Kaye Meadow”

  1. Unfortunately DR Rotherham was at his sensational best yet again with this. Allotments on Kaye Meadows has been discussed for over 2 years, I doubt anyone could call that ‘rushing it through’.

    All the work needed to prepare ths ite was done well after the bird nesting season.

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