Patch update 15/05/08

I went for a walk last night on the Loxley Valley, highlights including:

  • Pair of lapwing at Old Wheel Farm, the male displaying.
  • Sparrowhawk over Old Wheel Dam area.
  • Singing bullfinches heard at Old Wheel Dam.
  • Male blackcap on the path between the bowling green and Rowell Bridge.
  • Singing garden warbler (a year tick), blackcap, chiffchaff and willow warbler on path south of river, plus an agitated great spotted woodpecker.

No signs of any spotted flycatcher though!


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One thought on “Patch update 15/05/08”

  1. There seem to be a lot of garden warblers about this year… or maybe I’m just getting better at distinguishing their song from that of blackcaps!

    Either way, I heard 3 or 4 around Agden Reservoir last Sunday.

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