Flycatcher, spotted

Sometimes birding is being at the right place at the right time – today I was walking down the path that leads from Wragg’s Bowling Green to Rowell Bridge, and saw a dipper flying over the river. So I decided to loiter on the footbridge on the other side of the road, and see if I could get a better look.

I didn’t see the dipper again, but instead got great views of a spotted flycatcher perched above the river! I didn’t think I’d find that one quite so easily…

Elsewhere the first babies have hatched at Old Wheel Dam, with families of four mallard ducklings, and three moorhen chicks. There was also a drake teal  – possibly the same one that seemed to live there last year?

Elsewhere a pair of bullfinches south of the river; a nuthatch showing well at Rowell Bridge; a swallow collecting mud at Low Matlock Lane, nine swifts circling above and at least two flying above Old Wheel Dam.


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3 thoughts on “Flycatcher, spotted”

  1. Spotted flycatchers are pretty thin on the ground these days. Do you mind if I add your record to the database at Sheffield Biological Records Centre?

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