All over the place…

Today I had a day off work, and walked solidly from about 8am until about 4pm. I’m knackered! The plan was to spend the morning at Agden Side, and then spend the afternoon doing the habitat survey for my BTO Breeding Bird Survey.

My targets were wheatear at Agden, and sadly they never turned up. However there was still plenty around, including a couple of green woodpeckers near Rocher Woods, a flock of around 50 meadow pipits, a couple of great spotted woodpeckers along the way, lots of curlews, and a singing skylark. Best of all, at Agden Side, I heard a hoarse “CRONK!” somewhere overhead, and looked up in time to see a raven fly over my head.

At Damflask, there was a singing willow warbler, and at least five chiffchaffs, along with the usual treecreepers, nuthatches and assorted tits. There were also two heron nests that I noticed. After that, I did the habitat survey for the BBS. This year, my square is partly at Damflask, and partly in Ughill. The route turned out to be even more straightforward than I thought – although there’s one absolutely killer hill to walk up! I’m sure there’ll be plenty to see there, in a good range of habitats, and of course I’ll be writing about what I find on here.

Walking back through the Loxley Valley, there were three tree sparrows on Stacey Lane, eight chiffchaffs, including a pair foraging together near the fisheries, a green woodpecker yaffling near Rowel Bridge, and trilling nuthatches on Low Matlock Lane. Other highlights included nesting coots and a moorhen carrying nesting material.

I think I’ll go to sleep now…

Before I do, how about a full list…

(D=Damflask, L=Loxley Valley, A=Agden Reservoir, AS=Agden Side, R=Rocher area, E=elsewhere)

Greylag Goose (D, A)
Canada Goose (L)
Mallard (D, L, A, R, AS, E)
Tufted Duck (A)
Red Grouse (AS)
Pheasant (D, L, R, AS, E)
Grey Heron (A, D, L)
Sparrowhawk (AS)
Moorhen (D, L)
Coot (D, A, L)
Curlew (A, AS, R, D)
Stock Dove (R)
Woodpigeon (A, AS, R, D, L, E)
Collared Dove (E)
Great Spotted Woodpecker (A, R)
Green Woodpecker (A, R, L)
Skylark (R)
Pied Wagtail (A, AS, R, D, L)
Grey Watail (A, L)
Meadow Pipit (AS, E)
Wren (everywhere!)
Robin (everywhere!)
Dunnock (everywhere!)
Blackbird (everywhere!)
Mistle Thrush (AS, L, D, R, E)
Song Thrush (AS, L, D, R, E)
Chiffchaff (A, D, L, E)
Willow Warbler (D)
Goldcrest (A, AS, D, L, E)
Long-tailed Tit (A, D, L, E)
Coat Tit (A, D, L)
Blue Tit (A, D, L, R, E)
Great Tit (A, D, L, R, E)
Nuthatch (A, D, L)
Treecreeper (A, D, R, L)
Jay (AS, R, L)
Magpie (everywhere!)
Jackdaw (A, D, R, L, E)
Carrion Crow (A, AS, D, R, L, E)
Raven (AS)
Starling (AS, D, R, L, E)
House Sparrow (E)
Tree Sparrow (L)
Chaffinch (A, D, R, L)
Goldfinch (A, AS, D, R, L, E)
Greenfinch (A, D, L, R)


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