The weekend

On Friday I had a quick walk round my patch after work – it’s always after the clocks go back and there’s a few hours of daylight in the evening. It was a pretty uneventful walk, the only highlights being:

  • 2 fighting male pheasants going at it near Rowel Bridge
  • A heron in a tree, presumably nesting, next to the weir near Rowel Bridge
  • A kestrel on Stacey Lane
  • A nuthatch feeding on a feeder in a garden on Stacey Lane

This afternoon I had a walk round Agden Side, to hopefully find ring ouzels and wheatears. This was unsuccessful, and I didn’t see many interesting birds at all. It may have something to do with the bizarre weather – reasonably warm, sunny and Spring-like one minute, and chucking it down with snow the next! The only birds of note were:

  • Great views of nuthatch near Agden Reservoir
  • A large noisy flock of 100+ fieldfare on Windy Bank
  • Curlew and red grouse calling in the distance

Birdwatching is about being in the right place at the right time – according to the SBSG website, an osprey was seen over Agden for well over an hour yesterday morning, circling over the blizzard! Bah!


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