Birdsong Radio!

Yesterday, my girlfriend accidentally discovered a station on our DAB radio which I’d never heard of before… a station full of birdsong.

It seems to be the same recording repeated, and is a calming, pastoral scene featuring woodpigeons, greenfinches, wrens, magpies, blue tits and other species, as well as cows, sheep and at one point someone playing a few notes on an oboe!

A bit of Googling brought up this page – apparently it was originally recorded as a test broadcast for Classic FM, but proved popular with listeners when it was rebroadcast on its own temporary station a few years ago. It’s now back for a limited time.

It would possibly be good to have a more permanant birdsong channel, with more varied “programming”, as it’s quite a soothing background, and good for anyone wanting to brush up on their birdsong id practice!


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One thought on “Birdsong Radio!”

  1. Great idea!

    When my mother was in hospital a few years ago, she asked if she could borrow a tape of birdsong. She found it very soothing to listen to – the perfect antidote to a noisy and stressful environment.

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