Badger and more chiffs

I saw my first badger in ages last night – I got back from the pub around 11.15, and saw one ambling around the front of the house and scaring the bejesus out of a cat that was out for the night. It’s good to see they’re still around.

Three singing chiffchaffs on Loxley Road on the way to work this morning, but still no other migrants! Hopefully that will all change very soon.


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3 thoughts on “Badger and more chiffs”

  1. Not sure about the sett, I’ve got my suspicious about the general area it may be in, but wouldn’t post them here for obvious reasons.

    We saw the badger first late last summer, when it arrived to eat windfall fruit off our plum tree. It was the first time I’d ever seen a badger, and I didn’t expect my first sighting to be in my own back garden! It visited the garden nightly, but its visits tailed off – hopefully it’ll be back with the plums.

  2. My housemate saw one in our front garden (Crookesmoor) around midnight recently as he was coming back from the pub. An extra 1/2 pint meant i missed it by 10 mins !

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