Patch update 09/03/08

Not much to report today.

  • The usual at Old Wheel Dam – 1 greylag goose, 3 tufted duck and the usual 2 goldeneye. The immature male goldeneye looks a lot different to it did when I first saw it in January – it’s now not mistakable for a female, and looks more like an adult male on every visit.
  • A few grey wagtails on the river at various points.
  • A dipper at Loxley Fisheries. It was in flight, so I didn’t get chance to see any rings.
  • A couple of treecreepers on Stacey Lane.
  • 1 female bullfinch.

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One thought on “Patch update 09/03/08”

  1. We were on your patch this afternoon. We saw the goldeneye on Old Wheel Dam but no tufties or greylags – there was a gaggle of Canada geese instead.

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