Patch update 01/03/08

I set off this morning for a walk on my patch, and quickly decided I wasn’t going to see much as not long after I left the heavens opened and I was peering through flecks of rain that were stuck to my glasses. I saw a medow pipit on Low Matlock Lane, and thought this was going to be the highlight of the entire trip, but the weather soon got better and there was eventually plenty to see, which I’ll summarise below.

  • Meadow pipit on Low Matlock Lane.
  • 2 x goldeneye, 5 x tufted duck, 1 x greylag on Old Wheel Dam.
  • Grey heron, GSW and dipper at Loxley Fisheries – the dipper being both a year and patch tick! It was ringed with two rings on each leg – red and white on one leg, and light blue and white on the other. I’ve sent a form off to the BTO to find out where it’s from.
  • Goldcrest showing well and teal tagging along with a pair of mallards on path east of Rowel Bridge.
  • Two nuthatches showing well on Low Matlock Lane on way back, where path forks off to Pro Roll.

In fact the weather improved so much over the afternoon, that I decided to go on a return trip late in the afternoon, to see if I could see any little owls. No luck, but I saw the dipper again, and the same waterfowl at Old Wheel Dam. I also got another year tick, when I saw and heard two curlews in the distance, heading towards Stacey Bank/Damflask.


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3 thoughts on “Patch update 01/03/08”

  1. The Dipper may have been ringed by a friend of mine who has been hunting them down recently. He’s ringed 6 in the Sheffield area. Il ask him!

  2. He reckons it sounds like one of theirs – and by reading the description in your article above it seems correct. He’s involved heavily with the local ringers.

    Been toying with the idea of training for a permit – have you considered this at all Pete?

  3. It’s something I’ve considered in the past, and may do in the future – at the moment I don’t think I’d have the time to put as much into it as it would deserve. But definitely on a to do list for the future.

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