More harlequins

I’ve seen two more of the dreaded harlequin ladybirds since my last post about them. The first was another ‘spectabilis‘ form individual in the living room the other week, walking across the floor. This one was quite sprightly, so undoubtedly different to the half-dead ladybird I found last time, although I found it (or at least I presume it was the same one) dead around the same place the following day. Sadly for them, my living room isn’t really the place to catch aphids.

Today I found one in a completely different place. I was at work, sat on the floor sorting out a job in the video copying room, when I saw a ladybird move across the floor. And sure enough it was another harlequin – this time of the quite different-looking ‘succinea‘ type. With all the machinery in there it’s a very warm room, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see more rearing their heads soon.

Has anyone else out there seen any harlequins in Sheffield?


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