This morning on the birdfeeders

I’m off sick today with a really nasty cold, which is keeping me indoors on a lovely sunny day. So this morning, I decided to let the birds come to me, and sit and watch the garden for a couple of hours, with the digiscoping kit set up to see what I could snap.

The robins proved the most photogenic of the morning – unusually there were up to three in the garden at one time.




And, as usual, there were plenty of tits around…


By far the best bird of the morning was the great spotted woodpecker, who I haven’t seen for ages, and visited the feeders twice…



On one of the occasions, he got chased off by this sinister looking fella…


The only finch that appeared all morning was this badly focused (ahem!) female chaffinch…


…and of course there were plenty of visits from these guys…


Others that managed to avoid the camera were a wren, that spent a good 40 minutes foraging up and down the steps, a pair of irritable dunnocks squabbling, a couple of long-tailed tits on the feeder, a blackbird, a heron flying overhead, and several woodpigeons in nearby trees.

If only the garden had been this busy during the Big Garden Birdwatch – it’s such a shame it had to happen on such a windy weekend.


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