My Big Garden Birdwatch

This morning I did my Big Garden Birdwatch. Quite a small selection of species were present today, and some were missing that are often about, such as coal tit, greenfinch and long-tailed tit, and the garden’s occasional star species, such as bullfinch and great spotted woodpecker, didn’t show up.

This is the full list for the hour:

Great tit – 4
Blue tit – 3
Magpie – 3
Blackbird – 1
Dunnock – 2
Robin – 2
Jackdaw – 1
Song Thrush – 1
Woodpigeon – 1

Has anyone else reading this done the Big Garden Birdwatch? If you haven’t, you’ve got the rest of the weekend to do so.

After I’d finished the survey, a male house sparrow turned up. Although common further up Loxley Road, they are very rare visitors to our garden, and I’ve only seen them on two occasions before.

Also this morning I got a year tick from the front room window, as two sparrowhawks flew overhead.


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3 thoughts on “My Big Garden Birdwatch”

  1. We got quite a few in our Meersbrook garden:

    Great tit – 2
    Blue tit – 2
    Coal tit – 2
    Long-tailed tit – 3
    House sparrow – 2
    Magpie – 1
    Blackbird – 3
    Robin – 2
    Woodpigeon – 1
    Collared dove – 2
    Goldcrest – 1
    nuthatch – 2
    redwing – 3
    wren – 1

    I hadn’t seen the goldcrest all winter so was really pleased, and since then we’ve had a blackcap for the first time in a while.

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