Waxwing alert!

I’m not usually one for a twitch, but according to BirdGuides, two waxwings have been sighted in Handsworth this afternoon. I’ve been waiting all winter for any reports in Sheffield, as it’s a bird I’ve never seen but always wanted to.

If anyone hears of any more locations they’ve been seen in, please let me know on peterjmella(at)googlemail(dot)com – locations that are within a lunch hour radius of Sheffield University would be particularly welcome!


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2 thoughts on “Waxwing alert!”

  1. It used to be good sport keeping up with their movements via the SBSG website. There were regular haunts where they appeared for two or three years in a row. Ponderosa was one – the trees on the corner facing Crookes Valley Park opposite Mushroom lane. Also, outside Staples in town, and the car park of The Sportsman in Crosspool. We haven’t seen them for a couple of years now because the website isn’t updated as regularly as it used to be.

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